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  1. Yes, hard to get a good pic or video of the back for sure. The front should be a little easier. As far as my replacements, the front is much better than it was. Still some slight distortion but it doesn't bleed out like 6 inches all around the rearview mirror glass section anymore. Only about a half inch, which I have seen on some other vehicles as well. So for now I'm happy and think it's worth it to replace...providing it doesn't leak or something new. The rear glass seems better as well and may be close to perfect now. My 12 volt outlet wasn't connected behind the panel for some reason so they had to take the panel off and connect it. Now it works. I don't find that too crazy because I found 3 panel sections that weren't even snapped in when bought the car and got it home. The vent cover on the top dash is also now fixed and flush like it should be. So all in all, while i shouldn't have had these type of issues with a brand new car, I'm satisfied with the corrections and outcome. Good luck to you on your repair. Hope it goes well. Please post back your results.
  2. My appointment to replace my front windshield, back windshield, one vent cover on my dash and my 12volt plug is on Monday. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
  3. Yep, agree with you as well. I told dealer that too. That it's probably a fuse but this is a brand new 2019 that I shouldn't have to be dealing with these things. The whole reason I was upgrading from my 2010 was just so I'd be for the most part issue free. I loved my 2010 and almost kept both but I really didnt have a need for 2 vehicles. Thanks for your response omar302.
  4. No one else had trouble with the passenger side 12v outlet plug?
  5. Thanks for checking. One other question. I was testing all the 12v plugs for my phone charger and the one on the passenger side on the left doesn't seem to work. I've tried a couple different cords and none seem to work in that plugin whether the car is turned on or off. All other plugins seem to work....in console, in rear seat and in cargo area are all fine. Anyone else have issues with that plugin?
  6. Has anyone noticed any distortion in the middle of the rear glass on back like I've noticed? It's very minor compared to the front glass but still noticeable to me.
  7. Yep, from what I could tell when I went back to the lot a few days after purchase, all Edges had the issue at the dealership in KY. Where was your dealership located? Yep, i also have issues with vertigo and general focus at times. So at first i thought it was me. I'm gonna get mine fixed soon most likely too as it's becoming a distraction. I haven't driven my new edge much either as I was still driving my 2010 Edge with perfect glass. Just an FYI, you can just lean into the car looking from outside and see the distortion around the rear view mirror. It's plain as day. And I agree, it definitely stinks to have to fix something on a brand new vehicle. Definitely a defect in this 2019 model. I looked at Explorers and Escapes just to see if they had the issue and they didn't. If you fix soon, let me know how it all goes and if the new glass is better or like it should be, clear. Also let me know if you see any minor distortion in the back glass around the middle. I see a little there too but not near as bad.
  8. It isn't nearly as noticeable. It's basically right in the center of the rear window. As I watch the car behind me or the lines on the road, they are slightly distorted. You may not even notice but I see something that doesnt appear perfect as my 2010 does. I had to stop for an oil change today for my 2010 and one of the service managers did some research and said one customer had their front window fixed a month ago and she didnt have any issues with distortion on the replacement. If that is truly the case, I may consider fixing mine too. But I still really don't like the fact that I have to replace this part on a brand new vehicle. So I'll have to think more about it. If it doesn't bother me too much, I may wait for a year or two and then fix under the warranty still. Good luck!
  9. Couldn't agree more with what you are saying. I told my sales guy I was hesitant simply for the fact that it's a brand new vehicle and what if they fix and it leaks or doesn't look the same, etc. Then as I mentioned, after I got home and thought about it more I thought the replacement glass could have the same defect if they don't know about it, considering all Edges on there lot had the same issue. Then I would've taken the glass out for no reason. Anyway, it doesnt bother me a ton but I do find myself looking at it and the rear glass while driving which may cause a wreck. I haven't driven my new Edge a ton though as I'm still driving my 2010 a little.
  10. I just bought a 2019 Edge ST and noticed the same thing. I came back to the dealer to tell them and they said it should be covered to replace under warranty if they file a claim. I decided to hold off because I went out onto the lot and noticed every 2019 Edge I looked at had the same issue. And the representatives agreed too. So I think I want to hold off to see if FORD recognizes the issue soon because I don't want to order a replacement for my brand new vehicle if FORD hasn't fixed the issue yet because they may not be aware. Just an FYI, I also see a little distortion in the rear glass around the middle of the window. It's just not as noticeable. Let me know if anyone else finds out more info on this issue. Thanks!