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    2016 Ford Edge SEL 3.5 AWD H6 Battery Fit?

    yes. I wanted to be sure if would specifically fit in a 3.5 Sel 2016. I guess as long as it's 2nd gen it should be the same? It's the battery checking software that Canadian Tire is using that casted doubt it would fit. Says it won't etc..
  2. Edgy_Ford

    2016 Ford Edge SEL 3.5 AWD H6 Battery Fit?

    The best way would be from someone who's already installed it on their 2016 SEL AWD so I know for sure. it's a bigger battery, that has already been determined. thanks.
  3. I've tried searching on these forums and found some info about the H6 battery fitting in a 2016 Sport but I just wanted to be sure before I purchase this battery and have it installed that it will 100% fit. Here is the battery that I'm wondering about https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-eliminator-agm-group-size-48-h6-l3-battery-760-cca-0104820p.html I've had pretty good luck with the first eliminator I've bought as it has lasted at least 5 years and still going strong. Thanks for any help it's appreciated.