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    dashboard oil lamp switch

    Thanxalot for the video clip. I double checked the connections in the engine bay and found a loose connector close to the oil filter. I believe this came off the oil switch and is probably the cause of the oil engine pressure lamp staying on. Once more, thanks for the help
  2. Ochaiks

    dashboard oil lamp switch

    Hell forum, Does anyone have an experience of dashboard oil lamp light coming on after a repair and staying on. Oil level is ok. How does one eliminate a false oil lamp light on the dashboard? Where can I locate the oil switch or sensor in a Ford Edge 2010? Thanks for any help.
  3. Ochaiks

    Coolant leaks in engine out

    The coolant was never changed on any schedule or on purpose. The radiator was changed once and, the coolant was replaced then. After that, I keep topping it whenever the level dips
  4. Ochaiks

    Coolant leaks in engine out

    Ok. This is great help indeed. Many thanks.
  5. Ochaiks

    Coolant leaks in engine out

    Hi Forum folks, I have a 2010 Ford Edge Ltd. It has done about 80,000 miles. Last week, coolant began to mix in the engine oil. Engine does not overheat. Coolant level keeps going down. No oil in coolant but lots of coolant in oil. What could be wrong?