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  1. Oddly enough, all the buttons started working halfway home. Didn’t work when I got in the car. Checked again while at a red light, success. I guess case closed for now. Appreciate the response.
  2. I would hope it's not the battery, it's only about 2 months old. The idea of disconnecting the battery for a bit to reset everything was on the agenda for this evening when I get home, so hopefully that will help.
  3. New member here, so I apologize if this has been discussed previously somehow or somewhere. I tried searching for my answer, but came up empty. Went out to my car this afternoon and saw that the MAX AC button was no longer lit up (it's always on, especially this time of year). I tried to press the button, but nothing happened. After a few minutes, I realized that a few other buttons were not working either on the Sony center console. What's puzzling is that is not like it's a row of buttons in succession. The regular AC button works, but the MAX AC, the re-circulation, the DUAL, and the passenger temp UP also do not work. The passenger temp DOWN works, but then the volume UP doesn't and the volume DOWN does. All the buttons on the left side of the console appear to be fine. Curious if anyone has experienced this or heard of it happening before? Or any ideas on how to fix? I can still change all the controls fine from the SYNC screen, so I'm not completely out of luck. Thanks.