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  1. SueW

    Siri won't connect

  2. SueW

    Siri won't connect

    Memory? What's that? 🙃
  3. SueW

    Siri won't connect

    Huh? Who is this again............? 🤔
  4. SueW

    Siri won't connect

    LOL! Me too! It's a wonder I remembered that even ASKED the question! 😂
  5. SueW

    Siri won't connect

    Wow, Enigma! It's been 5 months! LOL! I'm glad I didn't wait for your answer. <smile> I actually googled how to do this after a while, and I did exactly as you suggested. So thanks anyway! Your heart's in the right place.
  6. SueW

    Siri won't connect

    When I try to connect to Siri thru my Ford Edge, the connection drops immediately. This is new. For over 5 months, it always connected to Siri. Now it won't about 99% of the time. What's up? Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  7. SueW

    USB Drives for Music

    I was intrigued by the lack of CD player in my 2019 Ford Edge, but the salesman told me I could load up all my music on USB sticks, and use the USB drives in the car. [I could also play music from my phone, but this is about music thru the USB drives.] I'm finding that the USB drives will only play my music in alphabetical order, which is not the order on the albums I've put on the sticks. I even tried misspelling all the songs so they started with a, b, c, d...... but the drives still play the music in the ORIGINAL titles alphabetically. How can I get the music to play in the order in which they are arranged on the album? [I've also tried numbering the songs 1, 2, 3, etc. or 01, 02, 03, etc. or 001, 002, 003, etc. but the music is still played alphabetically according to original song titles.] HELP! -- Thanks!
  8. SueW

    km/h to mp/h

    Thanks for the welcome!
  9. SueW

    km/h to mp/h

    Replying to my OWN message.... 😉 I fixed it! While looking at the speed limit "units," I decided to click the "OK" button in the middle of the steering wheel right-side collection of buttons. THAT DID IT! It went from km/h to mp/h! So sometimes the old, "I wonder what this does" action works! <hee hee>
  10. SueW

    km/h to mp/h

    Hi, I'm a new owner. My husband accidentally switched our speed limit screen to km/h. How do I get it back to mp/h? I've looked online and in the owners' manual, but can't find how to do it. Tried to do it on the steering wheel with no luck. Glad to be here -- hope my questions aren't too inane. 😶 -- Sue