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  1. I never got a response from Ford but after much more, very loud, discussion with the Service Manager on a very busy day at that dealership the guy finally admitted that they didn't have authorization to only remove the front two bolts and bend the cover down to change the oil filter and install larger fasteners. He finally decided to replace the entire cover, including new fasteners and receptacles, at no cost to me. That dealership is under new management now, seems that they had a lot of complaints about the Service Department. As for leaving the cracked cover off, I wouldn't do it. I would just repair the crack in the cover and reinstall it. Whatever hit your cover hard enough to crack it might have done some damage to your engine components if the cover hadn't been there. Also, the cover helps keep your engine compartment cleaner than it will be with the cover removed.
  2. 3 weeks after my Ford Dealer changed the oil and filter on my 2016 Ford Edge LES 3.5L AWD, the bolts fell out of the front edge of the passenger side engine splash cover while I was driving down the highway. The wind under the vehicle at highway speeds caused the front edge of the cover to blow down, contacting the road surface, and then folding back, dragging on the roadway, creating a noise in the vehicle. I pulled over immediately and after finding the splash cover bent backwards under my vehicle, I was able to push that part of the splash guard forward and tied it up with a piece of string to keep it off the ground. I took my vehicle to the Ford Dealer where I purchased my Edge, that also had performed the oil and filter change 3 weeks prior, told the Service Manager what happened and he confirmed that "his" Service Department removes the front bolts on this splash guard and bends it down to change the oil and oil filter; and then he stated, "that happens all the time, we see that a lot, it's a Ford Defect". He went on to say that the original bolts installed were too small so they just installed larger diameter bolts to fix the problem. I requested that the engine splash guard be replaced because I had observed the corner of the cover had been ground off into the bolt hole, he quickly responded that "Ford" wouldn't pay for it because it was a "Ford" problem. I reminded him that "Ford" didn't change the oil and filter, his Service Department did; and that I hadn't been able to find any TSB's concerning this "Ford" problem so I was concerned that the repair they performed, (installing larger bolts), might not be authorized. Once again, he stated that they see this a lot and this is how they fix the problem. I have seen some comments on a few other Ford vehicles about this but nothing on the Ford Edge. I will be contacting Ford Motor Company directly to inquire about this issue and the local Ford Dealers Service Department repair(?). If this does happen as much as this Service Manager has stated and the installation of the larger bolts is an authorized repair, why hasn't Ford issued a TSB advising Service Centers to install the larger bolts when they perform oil and filter changes?