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    Rims size difference by year

    Over the course of Edge model years has the same "size" rim changed from year to year ? I have a 2013 with 245 60/R18 tires 18" OEM rims, I am looking at a set same tire/rim size, but there from a 2016 Edge is there differences (different offset, hub size etc) or would these be a no fuss change ? Thanks Bill
  2. Bill Walton

    Rims size difference by year

    Thanks to everyone who replied, you saved me a 60 mile drive and $1200 bucks All the Best Bill
  3. My 2013 Edge SEL did not come with remote start, has anyone tried this package in theory it seems like an easy way to go 'but": Thanks Bill
  4. Bill Walton

    12v plugs

    I have a 2013 edge, the 12v plugs and in particular the on the passenger side of the centre console is it always on or only powered when the vehicle is on ? Thanks Bill