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    Door Weatherstripping

    Alright, thanks guys, I see now what the front ones look like. I will order the mud flaps as well
  2. coleford96

    Door Weatherstripping

    Thank you, why those part numbers work better I'm not sure. I used the part numbers alldata provided and they said they are discontinued on tascaparts.com. If you're talking about the minis in the back, I already have those.
  3. coleford96

    Door Weatherstripping

    Bringing back an old thread. I've been dealing with the same issues with the door seals and doors filling with debris. Wife travels about 16 miles of gravel every day, and when it rains, they get sloppy. I am not sure if our aftermarket warranty will cover the repairs for this TSB, I also don't know if the TSB will replace the exact weather stripping I need. I need the weather stipping that runs along the very bottom of the car. Both passenger and drivers filled up so bad with dirt and snow, over the last 2 years, That they pulled out and ripped. It's the long piece that runs from front to back. The strip that goes up the rear infront of the wheel well, is okay, just needs cleaning. Its that bottom strip that is loose and hanging down on the passenger side, and is completely missing on the drivers side, any idea on the part number for that piece. TIA