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  1. As I will be traveling solo, rear seat leg room would not make any difference for me. Although I have to say that after going through some comparisons of Rav4 and Edge, I opted for the Edge. Decisive factor here was the engine indeed that did it for me, more powerful and less MPG. Happy with the price as well! 450$ for 11 days including full insurance at Alamo. Thanks for your help @Gadgetjq!
  2. Thank you so much! Actually it is exactly the same as the Rav4 even though car is about 8 inches longer.
  3. Hi all, next month I am traveling around California to some NPs, and I will be sleeping in the car. I originally decided to go for Rav4, but now got into comparing Edge to it. Edge is longer in general, but I wanted to know the dimensions of the cargo space when seats are down. I only can find the cubic volume though, not the actual measurements. Want to check if the measurements are actually bigger of the Edge. thanks in advance for helping me out! kind regards, Stephen