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  1. Sorry for another post, but my original post focused on the front end vibrating has quickly morphed from needed to get my tires balanced into something else completely different. I just got a brand new 2019 Ford Edge Titanium with all the upgrades this week and we love it. What’s weird, is it MSRPs for $45K, and I got it for $31.4K before my trade in and taxes. There were two other vehicles exactly like mine with the same exact MSRP, except they weren’t as discounted as my vehicle was, and could be had for $34.4K. Obviously, I went with the cheapest one since they all were exactly the same. Since bringing it home, I’ve noticed some issues with minor cracks in the outer parts of all four tires, visible rust in the wheel areas, rust and corrosion underneath the vehicle after my mechanic inspected it, and rust on many parts of the outer trim all around the vehicle. I’m bringing it in for service this week and I’ve spoken to Ford corporate, the sales manager, and service manager to document everything. I’m not sure if I’m overreacting, but this doesn’t seem to be normal for a brand new car. Attached are all the pictures of what I’m describing, and it seems to be more than just surface rust. To be honest, I don’t want Ford to replace all the tires, trim and various parts...I want a new vehicle. My Ford dealership explained there could be slight surface rust, which I totally understand, but some of these pictures look way worse than surface rust and corrosion. Ford corporate explained there could be a way to get it swapped for the same type of vehicle at my dealership, but that only happens after inspection. I understand nothing is perfect, but I feel like this is unacceptable in a brand new vehicle. I just looked at my brothers 1 year old F-150 and he doesn’t have anything like this with his. Does anyone have advice or feedback?
  2. I just purchased a brand new 2019 Ford Edge Titanium and the vehicle has been great so far. I got a really good deal on it as it was manufactured on 10/18 and they were trying to get it off the lot My main concern was that it was “sitting” for a year and I was worried about the southern heat damaging anything. My salesman said they checked the battery, oil, replaced the air filter, and gave us 500 miles on the tires to see if we noticed any issues. Today, while driving between 45-60mph I noticed the slightest vibration up front...I could even see (barely) the hood vibrating too. Our other vehicle is electric, so I’m not sure if this is normal for a gas vehicle or if there’s an issue. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Or if it’s normal? It’s barely noticeable, but I can feel and see it. Theres no noises coming from up front and when I’m above or below those speeds everything is smooth. Thanks in advance!
  3. Update - the dealership is replacing it with a brand new vehicle.
  4. Thanks. Going to ask for the CarFax to see where it was before my dealership got it. Again, if this was disclosed to me up front I would have probably passed on the “deal” as I’ve never seen this much rust on a vehicle. Of course, over the past couple days I’ve looked under friends and family vehicles and they don’t have rust/corrosion remotely close to this.
  5. It was sold as a new vehicle. They didn’t say “why” it was discounted, I’m just putting it together now after noticing all this rust and corrosion. Some parts look way more rusted than normal surface rust. Also, it seems to have gotten up high into some parts, but not inside the vehicle. How could that happen with rain? What do you think the best course of action is? Regardless of what caused it, I don’t believe it’s acceptable to have to keep all this rust and corrosion that looks worse than vehicles that have been in use for years. I also don’t believe all my tires should have these cracks in the sidewall, that dies not seem safe.
  6. I had my mechanic take a look today. He said there’s a lot of rust and corrosion for such a new vehicle.
  7. Sorry for following up, but I’m actually going into my Ford where I bought it on Monday and the Service Manager said he’d be helping me out with everything. If it was your vehicle, what would you do? Obviously I want it to be perfect since it’s brand new, but I also know I need to be reasonable and I’m just trying to see what’s necessary to fix if it could cause a problem sooner. I also don’t want them to screw stuff up taking everything apart. Thanks
  8. It won’t haunt me, but it will piss me off haha. I reached out to the service center today. We’ll see what happens.
  9. Would it be unreasonable for me to ask them to replace it? They already guarantee my tires did the first 500 miles, so I’m simply asking for them to be replaced. I feel like asking for the vehicle to be in pristine condition and being brand new isn’t unreasonable...but I don’t want to be a dick either (but again, I just bought a new vehicle).
  10. You think that rust is normal on a brand new vehicle? My wife’s 8 year old vehicle looked like that...I may ask them to take a look at that too. My cars tires (1 year old) don’t even have those little cracks either. Going to ask them to take a look at everything.
  11. Thanks. I’ll ask them to do that. I’ve got a small checklist of things I’m following up on. Do you know if it’s normal to have this type of “rust” in the front tire area? Pictures 1-3. Does this look like corrosion or something on the back wheels? Picture 4 Also, there’s are these microscopic “cracks” on the side of the tire. Is this normal? Or could it be tire rot? Picture 5 All in all the vehicle is great, just a few things I noticed while detailing it today.
  12. Thanks. I’m hoping that’s what it is as I’d get new tires on all 4! How would a tire shop determine if there are flat spots? Is there anything else it could possibly be other than that?