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  1. Maliboost

    My 2013 Edge needs a new PTU

    Thanks Yeah probably try to sell it after is what it is. Does it look correct.?
  2. Maliboost

    My 2013 Edge needs a new PTU

    Cool thanks
  3. Maliboost

    My 2013 Edge needs a new PTU

    Ok i attached a photo. Look like its from a 07 to 14? Has no cooler attached
  4. Maliboost

    My 2013 Edge needs a new PTU

    I sent a photo does it look like it's from a 2014?
  5. Maliboost

    My 2013 Edge needs a new PTU

    Hello question My 2013 Edge needs a new PTU and I found a rebuilt one from a 2015 and as far as I know they are the same and changed in 2016 is this true ? Thanks any help .
  6. Maliboost

    Whining Noise

    Hello looking for some help 2013 edge sel awd just got new waterpump and timing set and new belts recently. Now notice there's a whining noise when accelerating and turning . Topped up PS fluid but still there. Sounds like maybe bad p.s pump?
  7. Maliboost

    Help Deciding

    Hello guys interested in this 2007 Edge just dont know a lot about them. Says a lot of maintenance has been done and they have paperwork other then whats stated in ad, but here is the vehicle Any help appreciated what to look for or if the 2007 is a good year? thank you very much "2007 Ford Edge SEL. AWD. 199000km 3.5 Auto. Owned by elderly lady. Exceptionally clean and well maintained New cooper tires all around New front struts Replaced PTU ( power transfer unit). Has 80000 km Car has one rust area above driver rear wheel well area Has a crack across lower windshield Very reliable and economical."
  8. Maliboost

    09 edge

    Hello I'm looking at buying a 09 edge awd has high km at 386. Asking 4000Cad for it. Any issues to look for or to check mostly ? I know their solid vehicles.