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  1. falconey

    Traded in my 2019 Ford St

    I've had little to no interest on my available parts. Want this stuff gone folks. Make an offer
  2. falconey

    Traded in my 2019 Ford St

    Yeah you probably just don't notice it, but the shifting/gearing is really off. It does seem like software could fix it just based on my experience, but ultimately the truck would have been much better with less gears.
  3. falconey

    Traded in my 2019 Ford St

    As much as I love the features of this SUV, ultimately I just couldn't fall in love with it due to the transmission. I was hoping a software update would come along and rectify, but it never happened. Going to miss the infotainment on this ford as it was very responsive and easy to use, but I definitely won't miss the ambiguous shifting. If you are in the Atlanta area I have some leftover items I'm selling. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/pts/d/stone-mountain-ford-edge-items/7350796812.html