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    Ecoboost Coolant Leak

    Thanks so much for this info. What this does not say is what the failure was that put the coolant into the cylinder in the first place nor what the fix is. Do you know? Maybe I just missed it.... The service rep said turbo leaked the coolant. And yet, odd it is in only no. 2...
  2. Rick D.

    Ecoboost Coolant Leak

    FWIW, just had a #2 misfire on my 2016 2.0 liter. Dealer determined to be a turbo coolant leak into the cylinder. Replaced long block at 56K miles. This does seem to be a rare issue on the Edge 2.0, I hope so since I have a 2020 on order. I don't believe in extended warranties, but maybe I'll get on on the 2020 when it gets close. BTW, service was outstanding from the dealer.