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  1. On the same note, if everything (coolant, oil, etc) looks ok it's likely something else...
  2. Check your coolant tank and see if it's low. (Back left of engine bay) Open your oil cap and see if it's miscolored, pull your dip stick and see if it's miscolored. If your oil looks pasty or "not like oil should look" you likely have a coolant leak into the cylinder as well. The ONLY thing that multiple mechanics told me was a solution was a full engine replacement. Hopefully you're under warranty.
  3. skiutah1080

    Ecoboost Coolant Leak

    Hey all, so as a follow up to my post... Sure as S&%t I was getting a coolant leak into the engine. I took it to two different mechanics and same result from each - basically an engine replacement to the tune of $5600. They both confirmed the TSB related issue and showed me the mustard color oil (coolant mixing with the oil) and rough idle when starting up after a short duration. I ended up taking $2k less on a trade in than what I would have expected to get for a 2017 with 71k miles, so all in all I'm at least not dumping $5600 into it. In any case I've lost some faith in Ford for their follow up on this issue. I was on the phone with them for a few HOURS going over options, and having them tell me in no uncertain terms I'm S.O.L. My "Ford Life" was relatively short lived, and that's unfortunate. I really anticipated keeping my Edge for quite awhile.
  4. skiutah1080

    Ecoboost Coolant Leak

    Yep, it's a 2017 SEL 2.0 with 71000 miles on it. So... Out of warranty. Guess it's time to try and get an extended warranty if I can... (And delete all my posts about this 😉 )
  5. skiutah1080

    Ecoboost Coolant Leak

    This is nuts. I've been having an issue with a P0302 (cylinder 2 misfire) and been trying to track the source for weeks. I started by replacing the spark plugs, that didn't fix it, so the replaced the ignition coil for #2, that worked for a couple days then the CEL came back on with same code. Finally paid attention to the coolant tank which there was only a SMALL amount of coolant in the tank. Refilled it at the OReileys, checked the tank at my next stop and guess what, only a SMALL amount of coolant was in the reservoir... WTF?? I saw NO noticeable leaks anywhere... Engine has NOT been running hot, always normal temperature... Funny enough my heater stopped working a couple days ago... It worked after filling the coolant reservoir... I haven't been able to check the heat again after I saw the tank was low again... WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?! I have a service appointment for Friday so guess I'll expect to shell out some $$$... ugh.
  6. Need some help... I have a 2017 Ford Edge SEL 2.0 with dual climate control. No matter what temp I set the climate control at I am getting NO heat at all. Rather than pay a $110 diagnostic fee I'd rather reach out to see if there are any "simple" solutions first. This just started happening the last couple days.