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  1. Skwerlee

    2017 backup camera blue screen

    thanks for the info!
  2. Skwerlee

    Internal Water-pump Question

    thanks for the info!
  3. Skwerlee

    Internal Water-pump Question

    From what I've read the earlier generations of the Ford Edge seem to be the ones that have more issues with a catastrophic water-pump failure taking the engine out. I understand that after around 2011 the water-pumps went to a double sprocket setup and are less prone to the types of failures that dump coolant into the oil pan. Is this correct? I just bought a 2017 and I'm trying to learn as much as i can to see if i should invest in a Ford Protect ESP. thanks,
  4. Skwerlee

    new 2017 Edge Titanium Owner

    yes i normally would agree without question. I found the 8 year 125K mile Ford Protect Premium Care ESP for about $1,700 w/$200 deductible. I was reading that the 3.5 Duratec V6 is outstanding. The only concerning thing is the internal water-pump design which can be quite an expensive repair even if it doesn't dump coolant into the oil pan.
  5. Skwerlee

    2017 backup camera blue screen

    we did the sync master reset the other day. Is that the same thing as what you're recommending?
  6. We recently purchased our pre-owned 2017 Edge Titanium. We reset the sync 3 system back to factory defaults to get any of the prior owner's info out of the system. A couple of days after that we started intermittently getting this screen when we place the vehicle in reverse. Since it's knew to us we don't know if this ever happened before the sync reset. Before i drop it off with my local dealer i wanted to check with you guys as I'm a new owner. Any thoughts?
  7. Skwerlee

    new 2017 Edge Titanium Owner

    Last weekend we picked up this beautiful pre-owned 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with the 302A equipment package. It's a one owner with about 25,700 miles on the odometer. We can tell that it was well cared for as it looks showroom new both inside and out. It came with the really nice WeatherTech floor liners for both 1st & 2nd row + the cargo liner. As a bonus it has brand new Nitto NT421Q 245/50R-20 105V tires. It's by far the nicest vehicle we've ever owned. I'm joining this forum to learn more about the Ford Edge and it's 3.5 v6. I believe them to be great vehicles as my in-laws had a 2010 that they loved and deeply regretted selling. We're still under the factory warranty however i've been considering buying the Ford Protect Premium Care ESP. Normally i would never purchase any kind of service contract however with all the gadgets on this vehicle it got me to thinking about doing so. I imagine all this technology could make for some expensive repairs once we're out of the warranty period. I found some Ford Dealerships online that sale these factory backed ESP's for far cheaper than what my local dealer quoted. I'm looking forward to learning from you all. thanks!!