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  1. For all of you how are experts in the P0016 troubleshooting perhaps you can check my logic on the diagnosis. I have a 2007 ford edge with a CIL on for a P0016 code - Bank 1 cam / camshaft correlation. Here are some facts: 1. The water pump was replaced 1 year ago (coolant level seems stable), but I'm unsure of the chain or tensioner 2. I replaced the VCT solenoids last week. 3. The part number on the cam phasers is old so they are affected by service bulletin 11-6-1 4. When I look at the real time data for VCT advance 1 it's 10 degrees at idle, VCT advance 2 is 0 degrees at idle. 5. When I blip the accelerator the VCT advance changes for both banks 1 and 2, so I am reasoning that the phasers are moving. My thinking is that the P0016 code is being caused by the timing chains and guides being stretched and worn and that the phasers are still operating appropriately. However, I am unsure of the failure mode of the phasers. Here is my question: Does anyone know the failure mode of the phasers? Do they offset or shift by a certain number of degrees or are they either working or not working? I know that I could just replace everything, but my goal here is to learn more about my ford edge and troubleshooting. So I am looking for some experts in this area that know about the phasers. Thanks! Bryan