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  1. I've done a little of that already, mostly in the cargo area and around the spare tire. It helped a little. There are still rattles coming from places (like inside a seat) where I can't even begin to figure out how to get at the problem, much less fix it. Mostly, I'm curious if others are experiencing the same thing. I've never had this problem before... even with other Fords.
  2. I really want to love the 2016 Edge Titanium (V6, FWD) I purchased about six months ago. The ride quality, the engine power, the premium stereo, that huge moonroof, the handling... all great. Here's what's killing me: It seems like the interior is plagued with lots of annoying rattles and creaks. I get it... everything is plastic these days. But the center console creaks and rattles over the slightest bumps. The interior panels seem to rattle, especially the ones in the far back. The rear seats have a strange rattle, seemingly coming from the headrests. It's maddening! Anyone else experiencing this? And is there actually a path to fixing these things? Will a dealer do anything other than shrug it off? Thanks for your insights!