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    AGM Battery recommendation

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I am having a hard time determining group size for my car, but it is probably just my lack of expertise. I checked the 2015 forum for relevant posts, but did not post the same message I posted here. I will do that. Thanks again, David
  2. DHM

    AGM Battery recommendation

    Would anyone happen to have a recommendation for an AGM battery with excellent reserve capacity and CCA for a 2015 Edge SEL 3.5L? I am having a hard time getting an AGM recommendation for this year and model. Any assistance would be much appreciated. I am new to posting so please forgive if my form is not correct.
  3. DHM

    Need New Battery

    I am hoping to follow up this thread by asking if anyone can recommend an AGM battery with very good reserve capacity and CCA for my 2015 Ford Edge, SEL, 6 cylinder AWD? It is challenging finding a specific recommendation for a high performance AGM battery for this vehicle.