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    2.0 ecoboost..how is working in the new Edge?

    Calculated or from Driver Information Center? I am in a '17 F-150, and there is a way of correcting for errors on the Driver Info Center. If I do go to the Edge, I hope that is still an option.
  2. orthodoc

    F-150 to Edge Decision

    Newbie. I have had a series of F-150s starting in 2011. I currently have a 2017 4WD SCREW, XLT with the 2.7 Eco. My current lease expires July, 2020. I am getting tired of the big vehicles. While I like the truck, I am just ready for a change. Has anyone out there made the change I am contemplating? We make several 800mi. round trips to another residence each year. I have never had an uncomfortable moment in the truck, and that is one factor pointing to buying out current lease or re-upping for another F-150. On the other hand, wifey feels she has to take everything she owns and be prepared for any eventuality, so we pretty much load the truck for each trip. I would be very happy to have to load less. Any thoughts or clarifying questions will be appreciated.