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  1. Thanks Claude, That is very interesting. You would think Ford would ensure the protective coating was mandatory to come with the new glass. Since this is the second occurrence for me, I am at a loss as to why the fix didn't last the first go round. Your comments are appreciated.
  2. How did you find this? I cant dl it because the moderator removes the content.
  3. Can you tell me what that means? What does "update" mean? They treat the glass somehow to stop it from exploding? Enquiring minds wanna know! TIA
  4. The moderator removed the pdf. would you mind e mail 2 me
  5. I purchased my 2015 Ford Edge in September 2017. January 2018 my rear window shattered while I was driving. I called my dealership and was informed that it was a known issue and there was a recall in effect so the repair was covered. January 2020 ( 2 years almost to the day) I was driving home from work and the exact same thing happened again! My rear defrost had been on but was not on at the time. I contacted my local Ford Dealership and was told because there is no "active program" for this issue, my replacement will not be covered. I called Customer Relations and was told the same thing. Because this is the second time it has happened and is a "known" issue I would like to know what FORD is doing to remedy this situation. I have also taken pictures and the pattern of the "explosion" is the same as others. My main concern is the safety of the electrical or the glass that FORD is using. ( I am grateful my dog was not in the back of the car and I am also glad no one got hurt). Collateral damage also happened to my locking device. The shattered glass has gotten into the locking mechanism and it will no longer lock my hatch so that has to be replaced also. I am well aware that I can claim this under insurance but to be boldly honest here, I am AFRAID to drive my car now and AFRAID to turn on my rear defrost. It astounds me that I should have a fear about my vehicle! It's a $50k vehicle and there is a known issue with the glass exploding/shattering. Who does ford use for their electrical? I was thinking that there was an Arc in the rear defrost that had been introduced to water seeping in through the wiper but since my defrost was off I need help to understand. Who are they using for their glass? There is definitely a pattern and it is happening to more then just my vehicle. What is FORD doing to rectify this known design flaw? (they call is a manufacturing defect - REALLY?) It is a known issue and I would like to know what FORD is doing to solve it before someone or a pet gets badly hurt. Just to let you all know, I have reached out to the new CEO and am waiting on a response. I will be back with an update. Sincerely, MLin