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  1. YOUR THE BEST!!! THANK YOU!!! I'm going to read through them a bit further. So far it looks like the Rotora's might be a bit excessive for what hes looking to do. Hes not looking to have a Track car. This is his daily and literally thats all it will ever be. He just wants a bit more stopping power for when he's driving. Any advice on which of the two kits best first him would be appreciated. In the meanwhile, i'm going to read up on this a bit more.
  2. I'll let him know about this technique. Thats some good advice
  3. Sounds like he has the standard brakes. Is the optional brake package better than the aftermarket ones? Just got off the phone with him. Sounds like he wants to buy something good right off the bat so he doesn't have to spend more than once
  4. Thanks bro, I'm going to look into the first two for him. He was looking at brembo since thats the brand he has heard of out there. Any one here personaly either of those two first options ?
  5. So I would like by stating that this is in hopes that you guys can help my brother who owns one, not me. I'm here trying to help on his part. That being said, hows everyone doing!! So heres the issue, my brother has a 2019 Ford Edge ST and, lives in Mexico City. He loves the SUV but, states that due to all the mountains and, hills that the brakes seem to fade and the heavy SUV sometimes has a hard time stopping. So he wants to buy Brembo breaks. I've tried looking online for a while today and, don't seem to find any brembos for an Edge newer than 2014 (which don't fit, we ordered them). Does anyone have a solution. Please help! =) He loves the truck and, does not want to change it out do to the breaks not really living up to the Elevation and, mountain terrain that Mexico City is famous for. Looking forward to the help, thank you guys!!!