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  1. Were are the parts? Ford really hates the Edge ST because they would rather make performance parts F-150 trunks, Mustang, the old Taurus SHO, the Focus, and Fiesta. It bafflers me that for made a vehicle that they will not support. Why is there even an ST badge. Planning non buy a BORLA catback exhaust in the near future. I want a cold air intake for my 2020 Edge ST but no one makes one. I spoke with AEM and they have yet to put one in the works. I feel if we keep contacting them regarding the latest Model ST, they may be willing to create one. Anyone able to get or custom build a cold air intake for the 2019-20 Edge ST? let the world know.
  2. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and new to being a FORD Edge owner. I joined your forum because I'm hoping to have a great experience meeting other Edge owners and learning much about this vehicle. This is the first SUV I've ever had as most of my previous cars have been small to midsize sports cars or those with a heavy emphasis on performance. Why not, a midsize performance SUV. Here are my thought on the Ford EDGE ST thus far in my short time of owning broken down in my pros and cons. Please note, these are my opinions based off other vehicles I've had or driven and may differ based off your own experiences. Pros: - The Performance brake and wheel package make a huge difference in looks - Twin Turbo AWD, I've had this combo before and it's always so much fun - Panoramic Sun Roof is great and brings smiles - Fully loaded and all the tech you need and don't Cons: -The Styling could use some work because it's not aggressive enough. Ford should have offered a complete blackout option for the ford emblems (front & rear) as well as blacking out the "EDGE" on the tailgate. I blacked out the "EDGE" emblem myself with Plasti dip and it looks 10X better. Planning to use headlight/taillight vinyl tint to do the two FORD badges. - I would like to have seen 275 tires instead of 265. I'm not sure what the widest tire that can fit but I will being going with a Wheel/tire upgrade in the near future and going for the widest tire. Would be great to put 275 - 285's. - Where or the Bilstein shocks, and electronic adjustable suspension? The Edge ST could have been so much more with a suspension that could have been adjusted for driving conditions - No Brembo brakes just a regular brake caliper painted red with performance brake pads. SMH -Better Sport mode needed. I would have liked to see multiple driving modes instead of just the regular drive positions and an "S" button. FORD can you please make the next EDGE ST with a Normal Mode, Sport, and Sport + (or ST Mode)? Sport mode feels somewhat clunky and only responsive at times. Definitely feels like an afterthought from other trims and not a unique feature of the ST - More power is needed. 335 HP is ok but to make this vehicle really fun, I would suggest at least 365 HP and 415 ft lbs torque - FWD biased AWD is ok I guess but a RWD biased AWD or a full time AWD would have been wayyyyyyyy better. -The exhaust note is absolutely horrendous. I'm surprised the ST division at FORD released the Edge ST with such a blatant assault on the ears - Almost no aftermarket support. I've seen three exhaust systems offered for the 19-20 Edge ST and was wondering why FORD did not create one. The offer one for almost all their cars/trucks but not the Edge. I know there are more cons than pros but I do enjoy the Edge ST, I just feel like FORD could have made this vehicle so much better. I'm going to try to address the gaps by doing some suspensions upgrades, a Borla exhaust system, and appearance upgrades. Please share what you have done with your Edge ST.