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    P0022 camshaft position timing

    So I am having somewhat similar issues (I think) with a 2013 3.5L SEL AWD, and I was led to believe that the trouble could be with the Engine Variable Timing Solenoids (there are 2 - a left and right @ $50+ each) as you mentioned. I have replaced the coils, plugs and plenum gasket, and she is running like new again, but I would be interested to know if you fixed your problems and what the solution was in case I end up in the same predicament. Thanks!
  2. Kozmo

    2012 Coil, ECM or some other issue?

    So I just picked up a nice, clean 2013 SEL AWD with 90K miles and after a month or so, it started doing the same thing. The code indicated a misfire on #4 and the plugs looked to be original, but not fouled. I replaced the front 3 (4,5,6) the other night as I didn't have a plenum gasket yet, and I wanted to see if that fixed the problem. It didn't. I now have misfire codes on #4 and #6 - and I had replaced both of those plugs already. Coil packs on the front 3 look fine, no cracking or melting detected - and I'm not adept enough to test them individually myself. So I figured with what I've read so far on the coils, I would replace them as well when I went after the back 3 plugs. BTW - somewhere else on this Edge forum I found where there is a kit (Tasca Parts #BA5Z-12259-A) that will get you 6 coils, plugs and plenum gasket for $161 bucks! Keep in mind this kit was meant for earlier Edge models and the plugs and gaskets may be useless, but the coils are the same and you can't beat the price for 6 coils! I had the codes pulled again yesterday for shits and giggles and the computer at AutoZone popped up the same codes (misfire #4 & #6), but led me to a new potential source of my troubles. Speaking with someone I know with generally good knowledge of such things, he indicated that this part's failure could lead to rough idling, running rough under load or if trying to accelerate from cruising speed (forget about trying to pass someone) - and he said it's failure would throw out misfire or other codes but not typically a code that would point back to this part. So the part indicated is the ENGINE VARIABLE TIMING SOLENOID - there is apparently a left and right part and they are $50+ each. Does anyone else have any experience with this type of issue or with replacing this particular part? I would like to know these are bad before I replace them - I will definitely get the new plugs and coils installed, which will be a good thing in the end but I am having doubts that it will totally fix my hesitation/loss of power issues. Thanks in advance!