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  1. Autostop Eliminator - Model AE000. used on my 2019 Edge ST. Sold Vehicle and this is a left over. Used 2 months, works great... $75.00 shipped, paypal only. PM me if interested.
  2. samjluck

    2019 Owners - Miles logged

    It's interesting that the weak point after a year is the trans pretty much with these vehicles. I'd say that my 2019 ST with 3300 miles has a clunky trans and its all about the programming trying to make it "soft" on a sport vehicle... And of course Ford trying to make a trans last with the boost that these can pull. The last 2 Fords I had (2004 f150 and a 2014 mustang gt) both had programming issues with "make it safer for the uneducated driver" and the throttle by wire/trans non-sense. At some point I'll just get tuned and the factory programming for the trans and TB will be a thing of the past.
  3. samjluck

    2019 Owners - Miles logged

    I did not intentionally make it an ST thread, all responses are welcome! I'm just curious how they are holding up with some miles on them.
  4. samjluck

    2019 Owners - Miles logged

    I am curious with the 2019 owners and how many miles you've put on your ST and what sort of issues you've had that required dealer servicing.
  5. samjluck

    New 2019 ST Owner

    I had modified the Mustang to the point where it was not practical for daily driving and it was not intended for that when I chose to do the things I did to it. The last couple times I drove it, it was kids trying to race me and all I was doing was trying to get to work. It was fun but just time to move on. Lovin the Edge so far. Washed and detailed it from the road trip and I'll say that's a lot of vehicle to detail with lots of littler dripper spots. the end result was worth it though!!
  6. samjluck

    New 2019 ST Owner

    How was the ride home? I did 2450 miles (3 days 12+ hours ea) round trip to get mine. I would have done the fly and drive but traded the mustang in. Fun adventure all in all and worth it for me.
  7. samjluck

    New 2019 ST Owner

    I looked at few of your posts and your build before I even registered!!! Nicely done. I made a decision that the Edge will stay stock and unmodified. Everything I've owned for 38 years has been modified and I'm at that stage where quiet and quick enough are what I need, not loud, harsh ride and super crazy fast. I have a heard of motorcycles that are all modified if I need that "fast" feeling. As I told the salesman "The more I need the readers to see daily things, the less I need the speed".
  8. samjluck

    New 2019 ST Owner

    Hello EDGE owners! I'm now in the club too!. Lots of good information here and looking to be a part as I get more time with the new whip. I'm a long time car hobbyist/modifier and it was time to move on from the loud mustang to a more adult vehicle that did not wake up the neighbors when i go to work but still has enough of the fun factor - LoL. 2019 ST 401a Cold Weather Rear Seat Entertainment Brake Package