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  1. jonolach

    2007 ford Edge SEL (18 inch wheel)

    Thanks so much appreciate it 😌
  2. I have a 2007 ford Edge SEL with the 18 inch wheels and tires that came on with it. I changed them in the summer to 20 inch rims and tires. Now with winter coming I wanna go down to a 17 inch rim and tires Is it possible to do that since the edge is a 18 inch factory ? Or even can I use 16 inch rims and tires ? Please let me know any information. As far as the 20 inch rims and tires . I really don't like them. They take way to much gas mileage and the car drives like crap. Maybe need a tune up... The factory tires I sold ( I'm am idiot ) but regardless I wanted to go down wheel size of 16 if I'm able to or 17 Thanks for everyone's time
  3. jonolach

    2007 ford edge clunk problem (read)

    Had a look and cv joints look to be fine I'm leaning more over to a upper strut mount ... when driving slowly and turning wheel back and forth to the right then left I hear a twangy noise. Like a springy noise I'll get it diagnosed and see starting to hate this vehicle
  4. jonolach

    2007 ford edge clunk problem (read)

    Thanks so much I appreciate the help
  5. jonolach

    2007 ford edge clunk problem (read)

    Thanks for the quick reply I'll have a look in the morning Safe to drive still or should i use my 2nd vehicle?
  6. Hey yall Got my 2007 edge sel plus over a month ago Just had the passenger side bearing done and the 2 front lower control arms. Everything seemed to be going good and then a few days after I can hear a clunking noise when turning at slower speeds . Left and right . I feel its unsafe but I know the mechanic said everything was good to go. Any idea what this could be I just spend 350 to get this replaced and fixed. I hate the clunking noise it bugs me cause I know its probally something bad He did mention to get an alignment after but said no rush as I was gonna swap tires in a few weeks. Any helps is good Thanks
  7. jonolach

    New Edge Owner

    Thank you
  8. jonolach

    New Edge Owner

    Hey yall Just made the change to a 2007 Ford Edge , I'll be picking it up tomorrow 2007 ford edge sel plus 230,000km Has the 6 disc cd changer in it. Is it possible to swap that out and install a navigation or dvd one instead ? A lot of nice features on it , cant wait to get it . Found this forum by searching and wondering what other types of rims would fit from different vehicles. Anything I should know or need to do ? Thanks for having me