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  1. Omg I have been annoyingly dealing with this same stupid issue since 2011. WHY DON'T MY HEATED SEATS WARM UP WHEN I START REMOTE START THE CAR!!! I had dealer tell me it'll work once it's on "Auto" NOPE. Sorry for the caps, this has been frustrating me for nearly a decade. I might take another look into this and get back to you. Please post a solution if you come across one as well
  2. I have a 2011 Edge Sport. 157,000 miles. The last few times I've remote started my car it runs until I open the driver door (under the 10 mins it's set for). I'm the original owner so im pretty used to the car. I can rule out one thing. First of all since the day I bought it I have it set to remote start for 10 min. One of the times I remote started it the car ran about 3 mins and shut off on its own without any interaction. So that along with a few times I've opened the door and it shut off that's what I have to go on. Anyone have a clue about this? Bad wires?