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    Odd noise during cold drive cycle

    0586-3.mp4 I really had to edit it down for length to meet the size limit. Its only a few seconds now.
  2. This noise only happens when the vehicle is cold. When you start up and drive off, after a mile or two this noise starts. Anywhere between 5 and 10 miles later it stops, and never happens again until the next cold start. A short stop with a warm start and it never makes the sound. The sound started out being more intermittent during that time, but over time has become more constant, but still only happens during the initial part of a cold trip. The speed does not seem relative to either vehicle or engine speed. If you slow down, it stops completely. Any ideas? (I already spent $100 in parts + my time chasing one theory that didn't pan out. We'll see if anyone suggests the system that I already worked on...) 0586-1.wlmp