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  1. wwiiavfan

    Uniroyal Tiger Paw?

    I wimped out and went with the Scorpion Verdes again. 😆
  2. wwiiavfan

    Uniroyal Tiger Paw?

    Anyone try these on an Edge Sport? 265/40/21? I have had good luck with Tiger Paws in the past on sedans, excellent wear, good traction, etc. Not sure about this AWD SUV application though. Any thoughts?
  3. It will be time for new tires soon, and I want to move to black wheels. Considering painting them, but the logistics are a PITA, and concerned about durability. Seems like OEM spec 21 x 9 wheels are hard to find/expensive in the aftermarket. Would 20’s fit? If so, should I stick with the 55mm offset? Would other widths fit? Anyone have experience with this dilemma? thanks
  4. wwiiavfan


    Nice! The Harley is a ‘14 Ultra Limited, sunglo red/black cayenne.
  5. My ‘17 Sport rims (21”) have some blemishes and one area that looks like the color rubbed off or something weird. Anyway, was thinking of getting them painted when it’s tire time. The Edge is the Black cherry color (not sure of the proper color name). Anyone have pics of a similar Edge with black wheels? thanks
  6. wwiiavfan


    Hi. I recently picked up a ‘17 Edge Sport to replace my wife’s GMC Acadia. We really like the vehicle so far and it has so many gadgets & features it seems like we discover something new every day. I’m not a fanboy or anything, really just joined the forum to learn things from fellow owners. I do the same for our Camaro and Harley, and really enjoy when people share info and how-to’s. I’m a middle aged Mechanical Engineer by trade, and grew up a gearhead. Cheers