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  1. Thanks for the reply Omar, I do indeed have the radar and mine comes with collision alert as standard as the IPC shows the vehicle in front as you approach it. As I say, my issue seems to be with braking, when ACC activates the brakes it 'appears' that it only works for a short period, even shorter if braking is harsh. When using ACC in normal traffic where you are all travelling at around the same speed, it works until!!! it has to brake moderately, then the system turns off, hence why I am thinking about the ABS module as I guess that is doing the braking Andy
  2. I want ACC, shouldn't be too hard!!! 2017 Ford Edge 2.0 210ps, powershift box, and looks like most of the components come fitted, so got ForScan out, did some research, changed IPC, BCM and ABS configurations and YES, I have it 90% working (my car came fitted with HUD display which means it already has the radar unit installed) but looking for some help with the last 10%, cos it's an important 10% and I am starting to reach the limit of what information I can get from the internet. ACC works up to a point, and that point is where active braking starts, the vehicle will brake but very soon into braking I get the 'active cruise control is not available' message which only seems to 'reset' itself after some time. I 'think' it is the ABS unit over-heating and that, to have ACC, the one component in the car that needs changing is the ABS unit but I don't have access to part numbers based on VIN as this would allow me to compare vehicles with and without ACC. The only other part I know I need to swap are the steering wheel buttons as I cannot set the 'distance' but I would like to make sure nothing else needs changing before I start spending. Can anyone offer any input? Thanks Andy