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  1. I have a 2007 Ford Edge. It will not start 80% of the time and the anti theft light flashes rapidly. The next time it might start right up but if it does then the lights will come on and then turn off. The radio was playing and now it will not turn on at all. My air would not turn on and then finally it kicks on. My battery is good, bought a new transponder, locksmith said keys are still good. What is the problem?
  2. Thanks! We have actually tried different keys and even replaced the transceiver at the ignition switch with no luck.
  3. Our Edge wont start and noticed the anti theft light started flashing rapidly while trying to start. Every once in a while you can try and it will start right up with no anti theft lights but has left me stranded a few times. We just had a new computer and keys done a year ago and am hoping not to have to pay that again! We have tried a bunch of different internet hacks to get passes it with no luck. Has anyone else had this problem?