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  1. Hope this is right place to put this thread. 2019 Edge SEL AWD with factory hitch and 4 pin connector. I have noticed a few times while towing different trailers that the the lights on the trailer will randomly come on and stay on for awhile even with the Edge off and not being used. It has the keyless entry and start. I hooked up a trailer to go to the landfill the next day and later that night the trailer lights are on (clearance lights). Lights for the trailer have a light-up connector that tells you what lights are getting power etc and that will light up at the same time the clearance lights turn on. Edge is off, no lights on the Edge. Doors are locked. I noticed this when the Edge was fairly new, month or so and under 4k kms. Now its 6 months old and 17k kms and the 4 pin terminal is badly corroded... it has been covered when not in use. I have looked through the dash options and I cannot find any settings regarding trailers or lighting for them?
  2. Ty ty! Going to ford first thing Monday morning! I have not towed a trailer in 2 years. Today when I need to the plug is right corroded! Cap still on. The clearance light receiver is completely gone! I am mad!!
  3. hmm. My first trailer was a small enclosed with clearance lights all around top and bottom. Second has just rear tail lights. Both trailers are incandescent bulbs. I just got it back from dealer yesterday for a new torque converter. Will look through the paperwork to see if they even looked at it.