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    Recalled Hankook 20” tires on my 2019 Edge st

    Well I have an ongoing issue with my 20” hankook tires on my 19 Edge st.. having issue with tires loosing pressure and dealer saying there is no leaks and the tires are worn after 12,000 miles.. I have been doing research online and find this is a known issue on ford explorers and these tires .. Apparently hankook is offering a pro rated cost for replacements which is crap.. I want replacement at no cost to me.. I have the tire and rim protection plan but the dealership is telling me they aren’t covered because the don’t meet the minimum depth requirements.. No way can I wear out the tires on this vehicle in 12,000 miles.. Anyone else have issues with their hankook Tires
  2. Jplacentino116

    Recalled Hankook 20” tires on my 2019 Edge st

    Finding lots of information on faulty hankook tires and I believe that’s an issue as well.. hankook has recalled these tires
  3. Long story short the ford dealership I am dealing with to fix a tire that keeps loosing pressure on my 2019 Edge st is telling me my 12,000miles vehicle has worn tires. They told me the tires have no leaks yet another morning has come and the tire is down to 20 psi...I have the tire and rim protection plan but they are saying due to the outter depth of the tire it cannot be replaced. Now to go back a few months ago I brought the car to the dealership because the cars front end makes terrible noises all the time like a bad spring coil squeaking or something rubbing. The noise comes and goes.. They said there is no issue but I know for a fact there is something wrong causing a bad front alignment causing excessive wear to my front tires.. Can anyone help me out.. will I be better off dealing with ford direct or should I go to another dealers service department..the dealer I bought from is closed due to the virus..sales and service departments closed.. Thank you for any help