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  1. I normally drive with music or radio on but couple of days ago i had the sound off and noticed the car is making some kind of a rattling noise while accelerating. I recorded the sound on my phone. Anyone know what this could be? https://soundcloud.com/user-320465778/ford-edge-engine-rattle-while-accelerating/s-fXxS90fhqRu (the sound is really obvious at 2:20 mark) It sounds like its coming from under the driver seat (gas/break pedal area) not specifically the engine bay it self. I have also brought it in to the ford dealer. The mechanic drove with me and confirmed he could hear the sound. But i was told that its "normal" for the car to make this kind of noise until the first 5000km (mine has driven 1100km). I know with new cars you can except some extra noise until 1000km mark but i have never heard of 5000km before...what do you guys think? The car is a edge 2019 238hp, diesel and had driven around 1000km when the recording was made.
  2. digZz

    Ford Edge Vignale (EU) back bumper

    Nothing really wrong with it, i just think it looks off. Thats why i want to paint it black, imo it would fit better overall and also match my black rims
  3. digZz

    Ford Edge Vignale (EU) back bumper

    Thanks for the replies. Ill guess ill have to play around with it and see how i can get it off. Worst case scenario im bringing the whole bumper to a shop and have them paint it.
  4. Hello, Im planning on having a part of my back bumper painted (see attachment). Anyone know if the marked area can be taken of separately or do i have to take off the whole back bumper?