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  1. I have a 07 Edge and the AC on MAX AC or on HIGH blows the same as a limp fan on low. The left side def blows less then the right, however the whole system feels like it is on low when it is on high. All of the 4 options blow diff, so the switch does work. Being old and the parts not being high, I replaced the blower motor and no change, I DID NOT change the resistor though. It is 113 degrees so I am not aimlessly searching lol. Any thoughts or has anyone else had this problem?
  2. 2007 edge, have had no issues with it. Out of the blue a week ago, I started having a dead car in the morning. I have tested the battery and it is fine as well as the alternator. No issues, somewhere we are getting a low voltage draw that is leaving the battery at around 11.3 volts after sitting over night. Anyone have any issues with this? Any TSB's Ive missed? Aftermarket radio is the only install and that was a year ago. Hook on bike rack on the rear door was 2 weeks ago. Edit-just popped in my head my wife used a 115v converter on the rear cig power to try and run a 120v air pump. She said it worked for a sec and then wouldn’t do anything.
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