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  1. When I took it in for the light bar the dealership misunderstood & replaced my WORKING third brake light...under warranty, they said it had some moisture in it but wouldn't replace the lightbar??? said LEDs aren't covered under the fine print. Luckily the finance guy at the dealership was a standup dude, stood behind his word & sent me a new one, I'm happpy. Now to get BLIS installed & enabled... eventually.
  2. Just following up... Turns out it wasn't covered under my Ford Premium Care warranty which I wasnt too happy about considering what I paid to have it and it supossidly be bumper to bumper coverage. I found a good deal on one on Ebay so I snagged it & after talking to the dealership that I bought it from via phone they shipped me a brand new one. Now I have a spare lol. What a difference it makes in looks....
  3. Thanks I definitely have a Sport so I don't even know why I'm having to deal with this, my luck for some reason I would have the SE/SEL lights. I'll check the color of the turn signal lights out after work. I do know the tail light surrounds are always on with the parking lights. Are these light bar lights knows to go out? I'm right at 34,xxx miles. Edit: turn signals are amber and light up exactly as the Sport ones should so it seems I just have a non working light bar.
  4. The Ford dealership I purchased it from is 2 hours away, this is my nearest local Ford Dealership but I think you're right... that I should probably go elsewhere. If it wasn't so far away I probably would. If they find that it should be working its definitely covered, Its the first thing listed under electrical
  5. Awesome, Thank You! I am just worried the dealership is going to come back with the same answer and say the part number comes back as a reflector only after diagnostic. They told me my Premium Care Warranty wouldn't cover it and it would be $1900 to replace since it would be an add on and didnt come factory. I did just buy it so I havent actually seen it working to argue the case other than I know it should be working and that it came standard on all Sports. I did take the rear interior panels off and the lightbar out (looks exactly like the pic) there are 3 plugs running out from it and I saw like 6 different part numbers, some ending in A's some B's so I'm not even sure myself if it is correct. I just want it to work and at this point I'm really missing my 13
  6. Hello all, pics attached. I recently within the last few weeks upgraded from a 2013 Ford Edge Sport to its newer twin version, a 2016 Ford Edge Sport with the Ford Premium Care warranty. I've noticed my rear lightbar isn't working. I took it to the dealer and adressed my concerns. They took my vin and came back with your Vin is showing that the vehicle isn't programmed for the lightbar to work and is a reflector only. From my understanding the lightbar was standard to work on the Titanium/Sport models, not an option. I let the dealer know I was not satisfied with their answer and they now have it scheduled to actually take it apart and diagnose it. Am I correct in my concerns that the light bar should be working on my Sport model Edge? I spoke with Ford chat who also took my Vin and told me that my vehicle is showing led tail lights and lightbar. Also and if I would have noticed but (I had tunnel vision) it would have been a game changer for this particular Edge. It doesn't have BLIS....but it does have the heated, auto and memory mirrors. I am hoping since it is a Sport that it is possibly already wired for the BLIS mirrors and modules in the rear and with Forscan it could be a quick switch over. Anyone have any experience adding Bind Spot?
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    Moved my question to Technical Hello all, pics attached. I recently within the last few weeks upgraded from a 2013 Ford Edge Sport to its newer twin version, a 2016 Ford Edge Sport