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  1. kone

    '16 Battery Dead Suddenly. Why?

    Thanks again. I was able to get a look at the code that was melted into the side of the case edge. It is CN5X. I'm guessing this code is the manufacture date and the other date 14/03/16 possibly is the install date at the factory? This date isn't hard stamped, it's more printed. Either way, pretty clear it's the oem battery and could be more than 5 years old.
  2. kone

    '16 Battery Dead Suddenly. Why?

    Yes, thanks. Trying to determine how old battery is. Very difficult to find code(s) from where they stuck this thing (now I'm betting the heat gets to them faster with little airflow). I find a code stamped on top, pos post end, that says "14/03/16 Y60". Is that the date code? Not what I'm used to seeing. It's a "FOMOCO" battery so I'm leaning oem battery.
  3. New to me 16 Edge 3.5. Been driving it problem free for a few weeks now. Tonight went to dinner and after 1.5 hrs came out and the car wouldn't start. Clicked. Exterior lights must've been going wacky cause people on the patio were staring at the car. Got a jump and got her home, on the charger now. Haven't tested yet but battery looks new, posts are clean as a whistle. Any known issues where I can look for draw, Parasitic or otherwise? Anything to look for? First thing I thought was maybe a door didn't close then I read some about door latch issues - does that include this generation/year? Thanks!
  4. Just picked up a used 16 Titanium w 62k miles on the clock. Really like the car overall. I'm wondering if the following issues I'm experiencing has anything to do with previous owner's driving style and the trans shift learning process. Could a PCM reset or relearn help? I drive a lot on more hilly, twisty, rural roads and I feel like the auto trans is very hesitant to downshift when I feel like it needs to. I have to mash the accelerator a bit to force the issue. I'm adjusting by running in Sport mode or using paddle shifter but still would like auto to be more responsive. It also seems to me the throttle tip-in off the start is slow. I have to get on the pedal a bit to get her going. I'd think the 3.5 would be quicker. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  5. I'm buying a used 16 Edge and this is direction I'm going over anything on/over the vista roof. Will be buying hitch from etrailer and installing myself - have done several on other vehicles and pretty easy to do, with another set of hands especially. I don't care how it looks, it's a functional necessity a few times a year.
  6. Thanks I hear ya but the same isn't true here. The Sport/ST gets a nice premium, enough to put it above my budget. Wife has a 19 CX5 Signature with the 2.5 turbo which is enough fun for us. I currently drive an 06 Outback so the Edge Ti is a massive upgrade for the $15k max I want to write a check for.
  7. As of now (if I don't change my mind*) I'm picking up a 16 Titanium 3.5 with 61k miles on Tuesday. As y'all know this car is loaded with tech and features (+pano roof) and I'd never be able to make sure everything works before I hand them $ and sign. So any specific areas/things I should be looking at? Thanks. * I'm still kinda torn between this Edge and a Grand Cherokee the dealer has (same otd price). I'd like the GC for the towing in case I get another boat down the road plus I think it'd be a better overall traveling vehicle with roof rack, etc. The Edge is just a nicer car. I haven't put down deposit or signed anything so feeling I could change my mind - I'm sure they'd let me anyway.
  8. thanks. I would agree mileage isn't out of line, my point was that the car has been around the block enough that lack of attention to maintenance of the roof could've led to the cracking.
  9. The weight limit on the 2016 Titanium 3.5 without the Class II package is 1500#. Correct? Since it doesn't have the class II package it's not 3500? Even if I put a class II receiver/hitch on it? Because it still doesn't have sway control? Which only comes in the package? How about trans or oil coolers? Are they standard? In the package? Thanks!
  10. Dealer doesn't know how it was cracked in first place. It was a local trade but they tell me the previous owner had no idea. I asked here because I'm concerned it's a problem that could reoccur, due to a defect, body flex, or what have you. I haven't asked them yet if there's any warranty on the new install, I will if I decide to move ahead. Thanks. Your response backs up their suggestion that a new install is a good thing. The car has 61k miles on the clock and it's a '16 so maintenance/neglect could very well be the cause.
  11. Looking at a super nice 16 Titanium that has the pano roof at a good Ford dealership. Sales dude told me it was traded with a cracked roof and was totally replaced in their shop to the tune of ~$1500. He saw this as a positive that it was all new, with new seals and gaskets, no worry about prior maintenance, done by Ford service, etc. Me, I'm a worry wart and wonder if I should pass on it as I see it's an issue that's been raised here a bit. At minimum before committing one way or the other I'll be calling my insurance agent to see if my policy will cover. Thoughts? Thanks.