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  1. Yes Mr Omar I am in the Middle East / Saudi Arabia and the avarage temprature those days around 40 to 45 C. But my problem is even when i turn the AC at early morning or eveing (when the car is cold) after starting the car immediately the fans start running on the highest speed.
  2. It run all the time only when the AC is on .. when i turn it off the the fan slowing down the speed.
  3. Hello everyone .. I am new here and hope to find an answer for my problem. I have 2014 ford edge limited 3.5 ,, since 2 months i noticed when i turn on the AC both radiator cooling fans starts running at the highest speed with a very loud sound (I can feel the vibration and hear the sound while setting inside the car at idle) and never stop until i turn the AC off it will back to low speed with cycling .. my question is it normal to run at the highest speed all the time without cycling ? If no what could be the problem? Thanks in advance