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  1. After all the cleaning and such everything is all good. For the ac so i checked the blower motor resistance good and checked blower motor switch for continuity and it was bad. Switched it out for new switch and voila working perfect. After replacing several blower motors even with one from the dealership and also replacing the connector, the resistor and the ac heat control module still same problem the switch was the problem all the time. Yes that was the first thing i checked with the cabin filter. All is good now. Thanks everyone appreciate it very much.
  2. One of the blowers is from auto parts store not from Ford/motorcraft the other 2 are motorcraft one is the original she had first the other is from Ford. Yes they all still work when test connected straight to battery. As for the resistor I think it’s aftermarket not Ford. even when I have the blower connected under dash but isn’t screwed in place it runs like a 3 then I put it back in place and it starts up again for awhile then go back down to 1 then stops. I have not tested those parts. Whenever my sister has time I will test. As of now we’re getting prepared for Marco 😩 and get back results later. Thanks
  3. Yes I checked for water and it’s not blocked. All fuses and relays good. I’ve also tested all the blower motors straight to battery and they all run full blast. When connected back in place then turn on ac and adjust speed it will run at about 2 then slow down very low and then stop I tap motor and will pick up speed and then stop. I remove to make sure it isn’t blown connect straight to battery again and it runs perfectly fine. I’m out of ideas.
  4. Hello all new to forum. My sister has a 2007 Ford Edge. Trying to help her with the car shes financially in hard times now. A year after getting the car the ac blower motor went out. So she bought a replacement from an auto parts store. Every couple of months it would happened again so she would return it to get a new one. Well no matter how many times it was replaced it would randomly stop blowing or would be very low. She went to dealership and bought one and seemed to work longer but eventually it shut off. I had been googling and youtubing this problem. I replaced the connector, the resistor and was still shutting off. She then took it to a mechanic and told him what was done so he check voltage and the relays everything was good and said that since the motor, the connector and the resistor were replaced that the only thing was the climate control module that was the problem. She ordered one from ebay cause the dealership do not sell that part. She gets the control module i replaced it for her and well the problem persist. The blower replaced many times, the connector replaced, the resistor replaced and now the ac control module replaced. Anyone know what else i can check for? Maybe the wiring from the relay to ac control module? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.