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    Unreal unit just had a look, love the Bov what’s a touch like that cost a guy? Also I’d like to lower mine but worried about my Canadian winter as well as it’s mainly my wife’s baby hauler I got for her so worried about higher curbs and what not lol.
  2. Edge77


    Sexual, your blacked out tail lights make me wish I went darker. Is yours lowered ?
  3. Edge77


    Niche Verona 22” rims haida HD921 rubber 265/35r22 hope this helps, thanks!
  4. Edge77

    Nastys Edge Sport

    2015 edge sport
  5. Edge77

    Nastys Edge Sport

    2015 edge sport on 22” niche rims Haida rubber, tinted front windows to match factory tint in back as well as brow on front window and tinted taillights. Black ford emblems front rear + steering wheel