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    Fog Lamp Wiring?

    Please forgive me if this post is not in correct area....be happy to learn correct area if needed. 2008 Edge Limited AWD My issue is that there is no power to either Fog Light, at the connector. Tested fuse inside cabin on left side, 15A power to both sides of fuse. Connected Launch and saw the actual switch to turn on the fog lights 'works'....in the sense that OBD shows it on and off. My question is: (not having a wiring diagram) does the power to the fog lights go directly from the light switch on the dash to the fog lights? ( assuming high beams are not on.....)? Want to get car inspected and where I live they insist that 'all lights that came with car must work' ....or I need to remove them and buy blanks....... Any input appreciated. Thanks Tom