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  1. Do you refer to the VIN that appears on the right, at the bottom of the dashboard, if you are looking from outside standing in front of the car? Is that stamped on the chassis? Thanks!
  2. I've just found that this is a Federal Mandate to help law enforcement ID a stolen, wrecked, burnt or otherwise unidentifiable vehicle. So the VIN must be stamped somewhere in the chassis or frame of my Ford Edge...
  3. Thanks for the links, but what I need is the VIN stamped somewhere in the chassis. I'm not referring neither to the VIN that appears on the windshield nor to the one on the driver's door sticker. It is supposed to be engraved somewhere on the body/frame/chassis, right? Or in the US that's not required by regulations? Thanks again!
  4. Hello, first of all I would like to know if US regulations requires to stamp the VIN number on the chassis/frame/body. If so, does anyone know where can I find it in the Ford Edge 2010? Thanks!
  5. I couldn't find it, the dealer gave me that number
  6. They couldn't find any other way than this, not a nice solution, but enough to pass the inspection. I can remove it later.
  7. Yes, that's the only modification, the rear fogl lamp. In Spain is enough with only one.
  8. Correct, that's what they were asking about, an engine number stamped somewhere in the engine. Thanks!
  9. The shipment cost was around $1,000. The issue is the burocracy in Spain, a lot of paperwork, several fees... But it is worth since the car was almost new.
  10. I finally got the engine number from the dealer. Thanks everybody for your help!
  11. Thanks, I will try to find it there.