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    Bad APIM or ACM or....?

    Want to talk about frustrating? How bout this.....I just upgraded my Sync 2 to Sync 3 last night/this morning, followed the procedures to program everything and it went off without any issues...until I started to drive. And wouldn’t you know it, everything starts to go wonky again!! I got the “temporarily lost communication with touchscreen”, the entire system reboots itself while driving, the radio comes on but I’m not able to connect to my phone and while I can turn the radio on and off, the screen says “Audio Off” when in fact it’s on. I’m at a TOTAL loss on what is happening. Anyone have this happen to them after upgrading?
  2. Right on. What are your thoughts on the CCS light still on and when the charging system was tested it came back normal? Could it be a bad PCM?
  3. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum (mods feel free to move it!). So I've been getting the dreaded "Check Charging System" light on my 2011 Edge. After MUCH research, I figured the first thing I would do is change out the battery. Funny enough, the old battery wasn't the "right" size so when I realized that I thought FOR SURE this would be the reason! Nope! Lolz..... Anyway, I changed out the battery and did the normal procedure of letting the car warm up to temp, turn on AC, let idle, drive etc to the T. Here's where I'm perplexed, the first thing I noticed when I turned the car on was that all my radio stations were still programmed and the clock was set to the correct time! I took it down to my local O'Reilly's and had them check the charging system and everything came back normal. My first thought is that my PCM is bad only because how else would the car recognize/have stored the radio and clock after removing the battery and putting a new one in? I have no issues getting my hands dirty and can replace the alternator myself, but if the scan came back fine at O'Reilly's, then I would think one would rule out that the alternator is bad, no? Any thoughts on this?
  4. BrianDrum

    Bad APIM or ACM or....?

    Ok. So I spoke to a client today and he told me about a junkyard here in CT that probably will have the APIM. I checked out the site and it looks like they do have it. What I was wondering does anyone know the part number(s) for the sync 3?
  5. BrianDrum

    Bad APIM or ACM or....?

    Right on. Thank you for the quick reply. Is what’s happening to my system more normal than what I’ve read? Meaning, most of the things I’ve read when it’s a bad APIM says that when the screen goes black it stays black and doesn’t intermittently work. I will definitely be doing the swap myself. I’ve read people ordering the sync3 from junkyards/car-parts.com, but I’m having some difficulties trying to find the correct part/part number. Any chance you have a link you can share with me so I make sure I’m ordering the correct part?
  6. BrianDrum

    Bad APIM or ACM or....?

    I did originally. When the system started to go out more and more I picked up a Bluetooth speaker to use that for music and calls. When I had my phone paired and the system would go out the system and speaker would fight for connection so I said screw it and unpaired it.
  7. BrianDrum

    Bad APIM or ACM or....?

    Hello everyone. First post! So here’s my situation; when I first turn the car on everything works “fine”. I could drive for 30 minutes to 3 hours and not have any issues with my screen going wonky, and other times I’ll turn the car and after 10 minutes the screen goes wonky. Eventually it goes black and I’m SOL until I turn it off and let it sit for a certain amount of time (usually overnight). I’ve read that it could be my APIM and/or my ACM, but when I research what happens to other people’s systems when either of those go bad, none sound like mine. I’m wondering if it could be a loose connection...? Should I replace both and see what happens? Obviously I’m not going to do a thing u til I hopefully get some responses from this post. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My Edge is a 2011, SEL with Myford Touch 8” and I believe it’s sync 2. Thanks everyone!