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    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    Thanks for the advice Preblue, Ill keep that in mind with the intake. A proper made cold intake designed for this vehicle actually makes sense. I was wondering how much heat soak the engine goes through when you punch it. And the Unleashed tune is the way ill go then I was looking it up and they do come highly recommended and getting that much gain would be noticeable especially with the improved shifting they claim. Okay so things for the f150 are different its just the same engine base but in completely different layout? hmm so I wonder if there is even anything that would work for just the 3.5, most likely not.
  2. TheFuzzyEdge

    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    Oh I'm dead serious Todd92 haha, and thanks for the info. I just started driving it and I haven't punched it yet so my shifting seems fine I'm just referring to other forums where people say its meant for gas mileage and not acceleration so I am just trying to get a good amount of data for myself so I know what's best. I'm mostly trying to see what I can get out of it without hurting it. I would just slowly keep adding better parts to replace factory ones and things to fit my style, I have seen that picture around its pretty crazy. So I think I am going to start the build and post it since I can't find anyone else trying it so far, but it wont be anything to epic like that picture still need to drive it everyday so I wouldn't be putting mudders with a 7inch lift haha Just want wider, all terrain tires with a small lift and what ever I can get out of the 3.5 I know exhaust wont do anything like it does with a sports car where you see difference and people think its that easy but it should allow the engine to breath better with a more open intake shouldn't it? but I know its like 2-3 hp max. Just wondering if its better for the engine even if there is no noticeable gain. And 2fast4u There is some little things here and there that I get word of sometimes like a tune made for the 3.5 with dyno results from this forum (he had intake and exhaust as well) and dyno sheet to show a 25ish hp gain and 25ish for torque. I think the tune is called Unleashed? which would be plenty for me that's a massive gain for just that so I don't know if I buy it haha. Oh and Todd92 mentioned the f-150 sharing the same motor would some mods for that engine be transferable to this engine? ill keep doing research and see what I can find.
  3. TheFuzzyEdge

    Off Road Build Ideas

    Yeah I figured haha, thanks for the info I will be looking into that lift kit I think the lift with some Goodyear Duratracs will be what I'm looking for. I just got to try and not put to much stress on it if it is a ford fusion (unibody) I'm not planning on going into the ditch or rock climbing with it just like the idea of getting not getting stuck if I need to get through some mud, Well its settled then I am going to be that person and ill start a semi off road/ performance build for the 3.5 v6 awd and track my progress. I will do this with all my vehicles and try and get the best out of them or what I want out of them. but the goal is not to be over board or make it unreliable.
  4. Hey Everyone, was wondering if anyone out there has done anything pointed a little more to off road such as Tires, rims, lift or anything else? New to the edge and was wondering if I had any options the weather where I live can be pretty wild sometimes and my family stays on farms mostly so there is some mudding sometimes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. TheFuzzyEdge

    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    Okay, Thanks for the info. It was the only model they had I could afford, So its good to know about the internal water pump and the intake and exhaust only being sound with these vehicles. Is there any other big problems the 3.5 suffers from? I have heard of the Unleashed tuner and seen other forums here about it with someone actually showing a dyno sheet with difference for the 3.5 the thing that made me excited was it was claiming to fix the sloppy gear shifts for the transmission. But I know tunes can be dangerous if not done right and I wouldn't like to put the engine at risk.
  6. TheFuzzyEdge

    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    Hey everyone I'm super new here its my second post so I am sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I just got a 2017 edge sel 3.5 v6 awd. Had to trade my focus st in for it as my family is growing. Super sad to trade the car in but excited for the edge I hear good things about it and I like the HP figures and stuff, sadly I couldn't afford the sport or st or I would have done that for something quicker. But I like the idea of a NA v6, just sounds like less moving parts and stress through more pressure, but my question is there anyone who has done any Performance mods to get more HP out of these engines? I have been looking for ever and I can barely find anything. I know a more open exhaust and intake the basics but is anyone getting more HP out of them?