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  1. That is great Omar! Thank you VERY much!
  2. No comments? I am surprised no one has removed the A-Pillar trim for some kind of electrical installation. I suppose I should just give it a go myself, hope I don't break anything and film it along the way to help others out.
  3. Hey all, We recently purchased a 2020 Edge and I was installing a hardwire kit for a dashcam. I have it installed, but I couldn't remove the a pillar trim (was worried about breaking it by pulling too hard, perhaps it needs to be slid?). The wiring is currently just tucked in behind the trim, but I would like to remove the trim to ensure it is out of the path of the airbag in there SHOULD the bag ever need to go off. Secondly, do you all just disconnect the positive terminal on the battery when doing electrical work on the car, since the neg terminal is almost impossible to get to without deciding to take out the entire battery? TIA. Cheers