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    WTB: JL Stealthbox 2007-14 Edge

    Hey all, just as the title says. I'm wanting to buy a JL Audio Stealthbox for my 2011 Ford Edge. I ordered one from JL Audio back in February but no one can tell me when it'll arrive. Just seeing if anyone has one laying around that's no longer in use. Thank you!
  2. Hey all, my first post! Newbie here, just purchased a 2011 Ford Edge SE. It's bone stock with no options whatsoever, which is how I want my daily driver. I tried searching for this but I couldn't find anything. I'm in the middle of planning and pricing an aftermarket stereo for it. I'm not exactly wild about the Mehta (sp?) setup and I was wondering how hard is it to convert from the standard climate control on the SE to the one from an SEL/Limited/Sport with the 8" screen? I have Forscan and I'm not afraid to use it (did extensive stuff with my 2017 Raptor), but I'm not sure if it's just a plug-and-play thing. I don't really care for dual climate control or the automatic climate control but if I can achieve that with minimum effort while I'm digging around in the dash that's cool. Has anyone done it and how hard is the conversion?