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  1. Hey all, my first post! Newbie here, just purchased a 2011 Ford Edge SE. It's bone stock with no options whatsoever, which is how I want my daily driver. I tried searching for this but I couldn't find anything. I'm in the middle of planning and pricing an aftermarket stereo for it. I'm not exactly wild about the Mehta (sp?) setup and I was wondering how hard is it to convert from the standard climate control on the SE to the one from an SEL/Limited/Sport with the 8" screen? I have Forscan and I'm not afraid to use it (did extensive stuff with my 2017 Raptor), but I'm not sure if it's just a plug-and-play thing. I don't really care for dual climate control or the automatic climate control but if I can achieve that with minimum effort while I'm digging around in the dash that's cool. Has anyone done it and how hard is the conversion?