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  1. Kcroyal81

    Gap between hood and lights 2020

    Yeah, this is my first Ford after many Hondas and I’m not feeling real easy about my purchase. Hopefully this is it, but it’s given me pause on ordering an F150 Lightning. Bad gap/panel fit were for Tesla I thought.
  2. Kcroyal81

    Gap between hood and lights 2020

    I did, but it took a while. Since it was new, took it to the local dealer. They started a warranty claim which allow the body shop to mess with it. They tried adjusting the hinges, new hinges, etc. It never fit right and still bounced. They knew this and told me they needed to have a Ford engineer look at it. They had it about a week, tried a few things per the engineer, and still bounce and bad fit. Finally got approval from the engineer and Ford to replace it. Interestingly, the guy at the body shop told me when they ordered the new hood, it had a different part # than what was on the car. The car had been manufactured in August 2020, so between now and then Ford has changed the hood. New one fits perfectly and is rock solid.
  3. Hello all, I am a brand new owner, only a couple of days. I really like my Edge overall. Yesterday on a windy day on the highway I noticed some drivers side hood flutter. I opened it up and adjusted the stop, which made it better but didn’t eliminate it. As I was adjusting, I noticed a significant gap between the headlamp and the hood on the driver side. Its going to drive me nuts, but until I can get it into the dealer, will this present water issues in the rain? Thanks for any thoughts.