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    Body sway

    I put a performance chip on my 2014 Ford edge, to where now it will exceed the factory speed limiter. I put on a wider set a tires that are Z rated, and now at higher speeds of 90+ I get a lot of body sway. I put new swaybar in links on all the way around, all the front components are tight, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and if so,Has anybody put on a steering stabilizer?
  2. Edgeyowner2014

    Anyone use Thorton Performance Chips?

    I ought a plug and play “Chip” it made some improvements as far as low end performance and rev limiter but it hurt my mileage per gallon drastically. That may be my fault though. What i wanted was a speed limiter removed with lower end performance that I’m getting now.
  3. Edgeyowner2014

    14 Edge radio swap

    Thanks . The conversions I’ve found were like $1800....I found a salvage with the 8inch system I’m just on the fence
  4. Edgeyowner2014

    Hey - Hello from Morrilton, Arkansas

    Hello from Morrilton,Arkansas
  5. Hello from Morrilton,Arkansas
  6. Edgeyowner2014

    14 Edge radio swap

    I have a 2014 Edge that I just recently purchased. Has the 4 inch screen with the sync, with the SiriusXM button. I get the message not equipped. So bought a radio{cd player} out of salvaged edge that was equipped with sirius and a Sdars number. It’s now active by Sirius xm but I’m still getting the same message , am I missing something here? By the way the Bluetooth is not putting out with phone calls anymore since this,Bluetooth working fine for music though .thank you in advance for any feedback.