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  1. Yesterday my 2010 Edge shut off on me. A few min prior to shutting off the vehicle fumbled and I heard the fan turned on ( it was cold out so I found it strange) in about a min of me noticing that it heated up and I scrambled to park, once I let go of the throttle to park, it shuts off on its own. I started to look at the hoses but they looked fine and the leak looked like it was coming from the top/mid of the engine since I can see it in the bottom leaking but I can't see the source. I then removed the air intake box and saw coolant coming out of it.... At this point I almost passed out thinking the engine was done, but after cooling down I did a test turn on and it turns on, so I turned it off right away. Now, I'm thinking that a lower intake manifold gasket is what failed since it's right there.