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    2008 ticking sound

    Hi all, i have a 2008 edge w/3.5L motor today driving into my long drive way i stopped at bottom where it was level and i heard this ticking actually it only ticked once . then i proceeded up the driveway up hill with window down, when i was about 3/4 the way up i heard it start ticking so i stopped got out and popped the hood. honestly it sounded like it was coming from the motor itself so i hurried up to get into the garage and then it just ticked every 10 -15 seconds.... i turned car off had a look around the motor and then started it back up...nothing for a bit then the fan kicked on and it ticked again about every 10-15 seconds or so. i backed back out of the garage and onto the slope of the driveway and then tick,tick,tick way more frequently. i turned motor off and it kept ticking for a little bit until the fans stopped spinning....i spun fans by hand to try to see if there was any slop in the bearings but they spun freely with no wobble..... i just dont know why the ticking? was wandering if anyone has had same issue....or had any thoughts thanks for your advice in advance
  2. Vanrebl

    3.5 crankshaft pulley install

    ok ....thank you for your help....i was worried i was going to put it on in the wrong position and throw it out of time and trash my motor 😁
  3. Vanrebl

    3.5 crankshaft pulley install

    1004ron, thanks for your reply i will rent a tool to install it from the auto parts store so i wont need to heat it up or anything it will press it on .... just wasn't sure if the timing would be off if it wasn't in the exact right position, because of timing sensor ......it does matter doesnt it?
  4. Vanrebl

    3.5 crankshaft pulley install

    yes it only shows how to take it off....i am looking for installation procedures thanks in advance for the help
  5. Vanrebl

    3.5 crankshaft pulley install

    I am tryin to install my crankshaft pully (harmonic balancer) there is no keyway on these pulleys and i want to make sure to install it in the correct position i dont see any marks on the pulley to align it up correctly.... looked online and don't see a alignment tool either...am i missing something?
  6. Vanrebl

    Hello from Washington

    New here from Washington....hope to learn some stuff about my 2008 ford edge and contribute my experiences