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    2013 Front valance panel clips

    Quick and sweet update - I just grabbed new push retainers and popped them through the bottom - they've passed the tug test, so at least for now it's better off than it was. A nut, bolt and a couple washers still seems like it would be a better option, but that's for another day when the snowmelt doesn't have my work area sopping wet.
  2. I just noticed today that the front valance on my 2013 SEL is hanging down on one side, and an inspection shows that at least three of the little push clips are mangled or broken. I'm surprised Ford decided to have the valance snap onto clips from the top instead of installing them from the bottom. Sourcing new clips is super easy, that's no big deal. I want to just pop out the retainer from below and install new ones from underneath - anybody tried this before? If that's not possible, what's the best way to get at them from the other side?
  3. Virto

    2013 BMS Info requested

    Hey all - I've recently purchased a 2013 SEL AWD. I noticed after stopping on the way home from the dealer that the infotainment display stated low battery audio off. I checked the battery with a carbon pile tester and verified the system was charging at idle and everything was fine, but the battery was very much the wrong group size and didn't even fit securely in the tray. The dealer replaced it for me with a brand new battery of the correct size and the issue went away for a day. Now, the message is back every time I turn the car off. As best I can tell, there's nothing wrong with the battery whatsoever. I even pulled it, trickle charged it and then reinstalled it. I eventually found out that you need to reset the BMS when installing a battery and did this via Forscan. The issue immediately went away but has since returned. I will admit that it's wicked cold here in Chicago at the moment, but the thing always cranks very quickly and starts instantly. At this point I'm simply interested to know if there's a way to permanently disable the BMS either via Forscan or possibly disconnecting the induction ring around the positive cable. Does anyone have any experience with this? It seems to be done fairly commonly on the F150s with start/stop.